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Raising the Foundations

Raising the Foundations

The Web and its underlying protocols form the backbone of the information society. While the world is dynamic, the Web is based on static documents. Software complexity arises from the constant need to deal with change.

The only thing that is constant is change.


ValOS raises the foundations of the Web to embrace change. It's a software architecture for tackling complex problems with radical simplicity.

How it works?

Uncovering the Unsolvable

Skills Gap
Legacy systems

We partner with corporations to uncover their industry-specific digital transformation inhibitors. Together we leverage ValOS ecosystem to co-create new business around these existential problems.

Connecting the Dots

We bring different stakeholders together in defining new and emerging value chains. Living labs act as colliders of different perspectives to shared problems. We advance the collective intelligence by open-sourcing ecosystem enabling innovations.

Read more on how we collaborate with academia,
a building operator and an energy company.

Our People

A diverse group of investors and advisors help us in finding the unbreakable walls that hold industries back. Our team then draws on broad deep tech experience to push through them together.

Ville Ilkkala
CEO, Co-founder
Iridian Kiiskinen
Chief Architect, Co-founder
Ilari Kajaste
Head of DX
Henri Sokka
Lead DevOps
Ari Varelius
Advisor, KONE
Jaakko Savolainen
Advisor, Fortum
Antti Kleemola
Advisor, VR
Mikko Askolin
Advisor, Gasum
Peter Vesterbacka
Investor, board member
Ilkka Kaikuvuo
Mikko Viikari
Marko Koski
Tero Blomqvist
Vesa Lehtinen
Timo Hiekkaranta

Let's get practical.

It has taken over four years to partially land this moonshot in making the Web compatible with the complex and dynamic world.

Vague but exciting...

Mike Sendall on Tim Berners-Lee's proposal for the Web

Like the journey of the original Web, ours has been as vague and equally exciting. But now we are ready to get practical.

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